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About CPAC

The Caucasus Policy Analysis Center (CPAC) is an independent, non-partisan regional policy research center established in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2015. The Center focuses on the Caucasus region as a whole and analyzes the foreign policy environment, regional conflicts, transition to democracy, ethno-religious foundations of the region itself and surrounding territories, regional macroeconomic developments and international economic developments concerning the region.
Three central ideas led to the creation of the Caucasus Policy Analysis Center:

  • Advancing the basic understanding of the Caucasus region for wider audiences
  • Intraregional integration of the Caucasus region
  • Building a knowledge base for regional public-policy makers

The main aim of CPAC is to generate new ideas for the greater development and integration of the Caucasus nations, encourage enlightened public debate on sensitive issues, promote sound policies, and build informed individuals and society as a whole.
The Center utilizes individual qualitative and quantitative social research methods as a basis of its research.